Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving! It's YARN FRIDAY!!

Happy Thanksgiving, Knitters, Crocheters, and Needlepointers!

Forget going to Wal-Mart at 5:00 a.m. on Friday. Much better to indulge in the yarny side of life, and we get to sleep in just a little... though A Stitch In Time is opening earlier than usual this weekend just for you shopping types.

An hour earlier, both Friday and Saturday, Friday 9-6 and Saturday 9-5. (Yeah, that's 17 whole hours of yarny fun... YAY!)

Needlepointers, I'll start with you for a change.

* Friday Early Birds, come in from 9-10 for 25% off all canvasses.
* Saturday Early Birds, come in from 9-10 for 25% off all Elizabeth Bradley needlepoint kits.
* Both days, all Christmas needlepoints 25% off, and a whopping 40% off all large stockings!!!!

And knitters:

* Friday Early Birds, come in from 9-10 for 25% off all yarns
* Saturday Early Birds, come in from 9-10 for 25% off all knitting bags
* Both days, all cotton yarns 30% off!!!!
* Noni and Two Old Bags patterns, 30% off Friday and Saturday
* Selected yarns will be 25% off all weekend!

And everyone:

* 15% off ALL BOOKS! Hooray!
* Go Green Bags will be only $1.00 on Friday and include a special coupon you can use in January.
* 20% off just about everything else in the store
* A limited number of FREE GIFTS will be available while they last. No, I do not know what Eva has for you, it is a SURPRISE to me as well! I'm sure it is good. :-)

And... this should be fun...

In-store surprise specials, Eva says, "Just look for the STARS!"

Note: Needles and notions are not included in sale.

Please, don't forget the Mitten Tree. We are accepting donations of knit items (see info in last blog post, below) for those most in need. The Mitten Tree will be up only until December 10th, so please don't delay. Also, keep our Addi Click raffle in mind... all proceeds from ticket sales go to a local food bank!

I really wish I could be there, you know I love to shop and of course can NEVER, EVER have enough yarn (husband says, "Yeah, right!), but we will be off at our separate-schools-but-always-same-date-and-time 25th High School reunions this weekend. None of my classmates believed my dear husband existed before facebook, but now there are photos to prove it. And four kids tell us we are old. Rest assured, I am shopping with you in spirit, and of course will be sporting some hand knits to show off to old classmates!

Enjoy the sale, and don't forget to buy something for me!

Big Yarn Hugs,

Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy November! Holidays around the corner!


Hello, Knitters, Crocheters, and Needlepointers!

Has the chilly weather got you in a stitching mood? I know it has inspired me to cozy up with a lot of yarn and needles and hope you feel the same. As always, a lot going on around A Stitch In Time.

Lots and lots of news, so you really should pour your tea first...

Let's start with Show and Tell:

After all the HYPE, I really, really hope you can figure out who this man is sitting at the table with Eva. No, it's not her husband Pete, it's Jared Flood! (Sorry, Pete... We would be terribly excited if it were a picture of you, honest, but you weren't there. So Jared will have to do).

We had a lovely evening with Jared... remember that weird snowy night in October? Welcome to New England, Jared, because you just never know.

The store was absolutely buzzing with activity, wine, snacks, desserts, and oohs and ahhs over samples knit from Jared's book, Made in Brooklyn. What a fun time we had at our first-ever author book signing!

And now the current buzz:

We had RAFFLE WINNERS!!!!!!!! Congratulations to Judy B, Cindy T, Brenda W and Carolyn H. Jack pulled the winning tickets for you and said you all owe him a coffee! (He's sitting at the Sycamore right now waiting for you to show up). Enjoy your prizes, ladies!

There is a sale going on of some of our knitting samples. Think about it... the prices are great and the knitting is already done for you. What's better than that? Come on in and take a look before they are all gone.

The Mitten Tree is back! PLEASE de-stash or even just use something special, and make an extra hat, scarf, or pair of mittens for those most in need. Men's items are especially appreciated. And, no good deed goes unrewarded... you will get a raffle ticket for EACH item you donate. No limit! Thanks for sharing your time and talent with those who really need it. The tree will be up until December 10th, so don't delay!

New yarns in the store... Noro is finally back, but it is going FAST. New Isis, and a whole lot of yarns from Classic Elite. Of course, there are new knit samples to look at for inspiration, so you don't even need an idea when you come in. Just take a look around, you are certain to be inspired. And, one of my favorite features, there are new bulky-weight yarns for quick knitting! Magnum, from Cascade, knits at 2 stitches per inch on size 15's. Hooray! Do I want quick knitting for easier gift-giving, or because I am feeling self-indulgent and want things for myself NOW? Hmmmm.... do I have to answer that?

And really, exciting new yarn in store, is OUR YARN! Spun exclusively for A Stitch In Time, this gorgeous alpaca from Vermont will come in both a DK and Worsted weight. I feel so special! Our own label yarn! Wow.... Cannot wait to get my hands on some for a SECRET PROJECT, a very special technique I am enjoying sooooo much and would love to teach a class in when things settle down a bit. So, check out this fantastic, beautiful new yarn and keep your eyes on the blog for what I am cooking up.

Addi Clicks are back in as well. I have used these, and can't believe they are interchangeable. The joins are so smooth, they feel like fixed needles. A great item, because you will never be looking for your much needed size at a weird hour of the night again. And, improved! Even nicer than the originals, they now come in a more compact case, and additional cords are available in new sizes! Yay! (Can you believe sometimes I wake up in the dead of night with an idea, and I generally jot it down, but occasionally I am too excited about it, so have to just start knitting it for an hour before I can sleep again. Imagine if, gasp, I didn't have the right needles available? Bring on the Addi Clicks, please, and fast!)

If Santa needs a little help in your house, your stockings can surely be stuffed in our favorite LYS. Think tape measures, coffee cups, books, needle cases, notions, and well, the list could go on forever. I would certainly be delighted if Santa made this stop before coming to my house. And, for the uncertain gift-giver, don't forget that we have gift cards!

Do you know that along with gift cards, A Stitch In Time offers a wish list service? Just pop in, fill out a card (please remember your name, lol!) and will will keep it on file. When Santa or your special someone shows up, voila, your wish is their command! (This kept my friend Luigi on the Nice List last year when shopping for his wife, Ellen. Really good idea).

Speaking of Really Good Ideas, Eva has had one of her best ones yet, in my opinion. She is raffling off a set of Addi Clicks (am I eligible?). Tickets are $1.00, and all the money goes to the food bank! Great idea, Eva!

Have you seen the BEAUTIFUL All American Afghan from Cascade? It might be my motivation to finish Cousin John's Christmas afghan on time, because I really want it. Maybe need it. I bet you'll feel the same way when you see it. Workshops will be held the second Thursday of the month starting in January. We need at least 6 signups to hold this workshop. Please keep in mind that some squares are easier and some more challenging. We will all help each other, and of course also have the option of repeating favorite squares or choosing squares from other places if you prefer. No rules, no teaching, but lots of fun! Please bring your knitting knowledge. I need a companion blanket (or five) for my Manos afghan, which my husband, children and I all try to get first when hanging out in the family room. They claim I spent enough time with it in the knitting and don't need to use it, HA. Well, when I wow them with another afghan, there will be a little more love to go around. Take a look and join us!

Needlepointers: (See? I never forget you, do I?) We know you are all waiting (patiently, I hope) for your finishing to come in. Please note that we will call you the moment it arrives. There are few things harder than handing over your work which took forever to make, and then waiting to see the magic which has been worked. However, please be patient with our staff and know that we are in constant contact with our finishers to ensure all items which were given to us by the October 1st deadline will be in your hands by the Holidays. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding!

New Holiday Hours at the shop: Open an extra hour Fridays until 6pm and Saturdays until 5pm! We will be closing at 2pm on the "Eves"... Thanksgiving Eve, Christmas Eve, and New Years Eve. Closed Thanksgiving, New Years, and December 25-27, re-opening on Monday the 28th.

Whew, that was a lot of information! Thanks for sticking it out to the end... I look forward to seeing you around the store. Keep stitching and knitting!

Big Yarn Hugs,

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Countdown to Jared

Hello, Knitters, Crocheters, and Needlepointers!

Hope all is going well and you are getting into the fiber groove now that the weather is finally starting to act like Fall. My favorite item ever, the Mission Falls Mimi Throw, is getting a lot of wearing time, whether around the house, as a blankie, or as my favorite Autumn "jacket". Hope you have a favorite warm item to use, and may I suggest following my example and adding another in a new color every few years?

Has anyone else been reading the Brooklyn Tweed blog a whole lot ever since we found out that Jared Flood will be joining us in just a couple of weeks? I am so excited to meet him. You know I really, really want those mittens. And with the time crunch being what it is in my life, I am going to have to use all my willpower not to just wander off with his pair. Hmmm... good thing the yarns are so nice. I would hate to not get the chance to make them myself, actually. Eva ordered 48 copies of the book, and so far we have 34 people signed up. So, in plain English: If you already ordered your book, great for you. You won't be disappointed. If you haven't, well, what in the WORLD are you waiting for, friend?! This is a very unique opportunity to meet Jared. I have been to book signings where I waited FOREVER to meet the rock stars of knitting. Do you realize that we will not have to stand around all night? Or that we might get more than 8 seconds to chat with Jared? For goodness sake, just sign up already! If you want your book ahead of time, you are welcome to pick it up at your convenience. Just don't forget to bring it with you on October 15th! And if we get more signups, Eva said she will try to have enough books for everyone, but we can't positively guarantee this so please be prepared.

I stopped by yesterday to welcome Eva home and, frankly, to touchy-feely all the great Classic Elite yarns as featured in the book. Yeah, I want them. All. Every one. So besides making sure you get your book, you should probably get the yarn, because I might buy it all up just by myself! Don't tempt me, I have the shelves for it. Fresco, Lush, Princess, Moorland, Portland Tweed... I could find room for each and every one of them. So, you might want to really prepare by getting your book, getting the yarn, starting the project, and then if you have any questions, cornering Jared! I'm sure he'd love it, but just in case he doesn't feel like being cornered, don't tell him it was my idea. The good news is, friends who have been knitting out of the book already have said the patterns are straightforward.

Here's a fun new addition for your collection... Hiya Hiya has an interchangeable needle set, and we'll have it next week at A Stitch In Time. Come take a look at these great needles. Tips come in sizes 2-8, terrific for everything from socks to worsted.

Vintage by Berroco has arrived. This is a superwash, worsted weight yarn. Which makes it great for children's knits. Or, just as appropriately, for me. I spill a lot. So I am thinking I am going to be knitting with this, not just for me but for anyone within my dangerous reach.

Cascade 220 and 220 Superwash (see? More superwash!) will be in by the second week of October, and hopefully sooner. Along with this terrific yarn will be the beautiful Great American Afghan. A monthly workshop on this fab project will be starting in January, so keep your eyes peeled for details on that! Our Monday Night Social Knit has been postponed, so this workshop will be a fun opportunity for all!

For October, the raffle is back! One ticket for each $50 you spend, good for a drawing for a gift card to A Stitch In Time. Also, please note that classes are filling up. While this is GREAT news for us at the shop, it is only great news for you if you sign up in time. Don't be disappointed, classes are such a great way to learn a new technique, get out for a while, and meet other knitters. Please sign up early to ensure your spot.

******Guess what? Eva told me something, and I am going to tell you. Because I can. Since all these new yarns are in or coming in, it seems there are a lot of markdowns! Yeah, MARKDOWNS! On YARN! In the FALL! What's better than that? Get in there and make sure you have everything you need for your projects! We have done that Connecticut thing of going from summer to cold in 24 short hours; this feels like knitting weather! And better yet, a SALE!!! October 9 and 10, 20% all yarn and canvasses in-stock. Sale excludes new yarns, books, needles and needlepoint fibers.******

Needlepointers, there is great news for you, right here. Remember how I kept warning you that Lee Leather was going out of business? Well, another company bought them and we will still be able to get you all the canvasses and leather pieces you love.

The Amanda Lawford Trunk Show will be arriving on October 24th and be here for three weeks. Keep in mind that there will be a 20% discount on all her canvasses purchased during the show. What a great opportunity to pick up some new projects to pass the time when we are snowed in... it's coming sooner than you think!

By the way, needlepointers, I need to remind you one more time that in order to guarantee your project will be done for Christmas, you need to finish your stitching by October 1. After this, there is a chance, but no promises. Can I tell you how much I love our needlepoint finisher? I recently came across a canvas I stitched as a Mother's Day gift in 1979. Hearts and rainbows and other such '70's stuff... can you imagine that my mom snuck the canvas back to my house at some point instead of holding on to it for dear life? No, I don't know what she was thinking either. Anyway, I sent it out to our finisher, and may I tell you I am sooooo proud of the finished product! It was already "groovy" and fortunately someone had the vision to make it "beautiful." A feat my mom certainly never saw coming. She is totally jealous now, but it is all mine. Some of this joy can be yours if you just finish your canvasses and send them for finishing!

All belts and large Christmas stockings are on sale 25% off for all October. Other Christmas ornaments will be 20% off. Stock up for next year!

Wow, that is a LOT of good stuff. So stop in, tell Eva "Welcome Back" from her trip, pull up a chair, and spend some time around the table with us. Knit, stitch, or crochet; it's a great way to welcome Fall with your friends at A Stitch In Time!

Big Yarn Hugs,


Thursday, September 3, 2009

A "Flood" of New Information

Hello, Knitters, Crocheters, and Needlepointers!

Welcome back to school, everyone! In your house, maybe it's just the kids actually going back, or maybe you have no kids and are just watching the big yellow buses pass by. So, for all of us wistfully longing for the days when we, too, were heading back to a classroom, I have a pretty good alternative for you. Why not take some classes at A Stitch In Time? I mean, come on, how much fun is that? No pop quizzes, no getting called to the principal's office, and no fingernails on the chalkboard. I just forwarded a draft of the early fall schedule (Sept-Oct) to Eva for final approval, and I am sure it will be out in a day or two, so keep your eyes on your emails or this blog for complete information. New this time: several one-night classes! Yay! Budget-friendly and less of a time commitment. Take one or all of them, we promise a good time. We are also welcoming some new instructors, so you can enjoy learning from a variety of experienced knitters and crocheters. By the way, I know I promised a dog sweater, and that will be coming in November. Dates and details on that particular class as soon as I get the "knitty gritty" ironed out!

Don't forget to keep October 15th open for our book signing with Jared Flood! He will be joining us around 6:30 in the evening, but you MUST reserve your spot ahead of time to ensure there will be enough books and refreshments for all. To reserve, just stop by the store and prepay for your book, it's that easy! List price is $15.95 plus tax. The Classic Elite trunk show, featuring all the yarns used in the book "Made in Brooklyn" will be arriving on October 10th, so come on by! I clicked on Jared's blog (link below in our prior entry) and HAVE to make those mittens first. But you probably already guessed that. My Ravelry name isn't "mittengirl" for nothing!

A big "Thank You" to all the ladies who attended our First Annual Golf outing. I hear you had a blast, and it will definitely happen again. But I also heard the advice from Eva is to avoid the liquid lunch thing next time, based on her second nine... Watch out, my husband and I are talking about golf lessons in the spring, so I might be there to keep an eye on our favorite shop owner. Or to join in, after all, I am Irish, remember!

It is getting chilly, or at least it might be soon, so how about those Einsteins? Or a nice Afghan to wrap up in? We would love to see you at a Monday Night Social Knit in October, 6-8 pm. Please sign up in the store. There will be no cost to attend, but we do need to make sure we have a minimum number of knitters, as we will be opening the store up especially for this time. A great opportunity to work on a wintery knit in the company of others, and always fun!

New stuff in the store (you know I live for new stuff in the store):

* Amy Butler bags! Hooray! I love these and not only are the fabrics great, but the design details are terrific! Hurry up before I buy the one you have your eye on, it wouldn't be the first time I fall under Amy's spell!

* Amanda Lawford trunk show will be in store October 24-November 8. Needlepointers, you know you love her canvasses, so put this on your calendar now!

* Lantern Moon has just sent a bunch of great things our way. Shawl pins, the cutest baskets you've ever seen, flower tape measures (I NEVER have enough tape measures), and beautiful woven scarves which make great gifts for you or someone special. And you don't even have to knit them yourself! Also, take a look at the precious little pouches by the register... they are tiny crochet hooks for catching pulls in your knitwear and convenient little cable needle sets. I love these things, and whomever is behind all this has a very creative imagination.

* Plymouth is fully stocked and we have their new fall line. I just have to say, I am a little in love with Hillside Linen. Just take a look, it's in my favorite spot, to the right of the door as you walk in. Always the first place I check to see what's new in fiber.

* More Fiesta and Isis. We always sell a ton of this at this time of the year, because it makes the best gift scarves, so come in to get the best color selection.

* New from SWTC are two super-great super wash yarns (gotta love it, who has time for hand washing?). "Dream Big" does my favorite gift thing, it knits big. 2 sts/in on size 15's, and includes a free pattern on the label. Can't get any easier than that, right? Also, "Saphira" which comes in the BEST colors, all blended together to make a gorgeous knitting yarn. This knits at 3.5 sts/in on size 10's which is also terrific for starting and finishing a project in very little time.

* On the way, Vintage from Berroco, a wool blend that is washable (you already know I love that) and knits on a 7 or 8 needle. I am thinking winter accessories here!

On my needles:

Not as much as I'd like! The transition to High School has taken me completely by surprise. Not that I didn't know it was coming, but why didn't anyone warn me? School doesn't start until tomorrow, officially, for Allie (even though the others have a good week and a half under their belts), but already I have made as many as FIVE (count 'em) round trips a day, every day, including weekends, between my house and her school. Apparently sports practices happen twice a day before school even begins. I did not play sports in high school, I was too busy knitting. Our little guy, who is just seven, asked me this afternoon, "Why did you send Allie to boarder school for high school? I thought people didn't have to sleep at school until they were in college?" OK, so I had to explain a few things, like boardING school, not boardER. And that school didn't even begin yet. And that she was not sleeping there. He left the conversation more confused, and so did I.

Actually, I have taken the opportunity to replace the usual ribbed socks in my glove box with a wonderful pair from Cookie A.'s new book "Sock Innovation." If I have to wait in the car for Allie to be done, I might as well have something really fun at hand. For anyone who wants to improve their technical knitting skills and get something really beautiful at the same time, I cannot recommend this book highly enough. There is a whole section on inverse stitches, i.e. if it is a ssk on one side, what you would do on the other side to preserve the integrity of the look. Beautifully charted patterns make this a really fun and well-written book. I hope everyone picks up a copy, along with some solid-colored sock yarn, so the patterns really show. Did you notice that Eva is stocking some beautiful solid colors of Trekking XXL and Austermann Step? These are really terrific yarns for this type of knitting, as well as your basic sock. Give it a try!

Big Yarn Hugs,


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Did I say Book Signing??!

Hello, Knitters, Crocheters, and Needlepointers!

OK, has Eva made me tease you enough yet? Do you really, really want to know what's up with the Book Signing that I am NOT telling you about? Because, I just can't keep quiet another minute. Hint: there will be a FLOOD of knitters invading our store for this great event. Was that enough? No? It's OK, when Eva was first trying to make me guess, she kept talking about water. Lots and lots of water. I stared at her blankly, not having had my coffee yet...

So, for me and the others like me who need things spelled out, here are the details:

Jared Flood will be at A Stitch In Time to sign his new book, Made In Brooklyn. Let me try that again: JARED FLOOD IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There, now do you know how excited I am? So, be at the store on October 15th to meet this very talented knitter! Please call or stop by the store to reserve your copy of this FABULOUS book; we really need to know if you are coming so no one leaves disappointed. I have a friend whose six-year-old is frequently heard to say, "I'm so lucky, I am jealous of myself!" Well, this is the way I feel that we get to have Jared in our shop. You can check out his work at

New in store: Presto by Tahki. This aptly-named wool/mohair/nylon/acrylic blend is for presto-fast knitting, because it is a super bulky and knits up on size 13 needles very nicely. Are you thinking what I am thinking? Which is... quick. gifts. in time. Hooray! The colors are gorgeous, as all Tahki yarns are. A new shipment from Plymouth is due, and other new yarns are arriving weekly, but you will have to wait patiently (not) to see what those are!

Also a coming attraction in September: we will be joined by Lisa! Please welcome our newest staff member with the warmth you gave me when I came on board. I know she will be a terrific addition to the "family" and cannot wait for you to meet her.

Join me in congratulating our July raffle winners: June F., Sylvia G, Margaret O, and Monica V. Enjoy your winnings, ladies!

IMPORTANT FOR ALL TO READ HERE: Whether you are a knitter, crocheter, or needlepointer, Eva will be out for two weeks in September. (Have a great cruise, Eva!) So, if you need anything ordered, it has to be done before she is gone. Eva will be out the 9th through the 24th. So, if you have any projects that require a large quantity of yarn, special canvasses, or other materials we may not have in stock, please plan accordingly, and thank you for your patience with those of us working during her absence.

There are still spots available for the golf outing August 25th. See details below in the prior blog post, and sign up now to reserve your space.

Needlepointers: Plenty of goodies for you too! New canvasses, and beautiful mini leather bags by Sterling. They have a terrific long strap to use as a shoulder bag too, so you are not limited to a clutch. (I am thinking like an Irish girl here... I can carry one of these and still hold a drink. Still trying to figure out how to handle a drink and appetizers at the same time, but at least my hands wouldn't be juggling a clutch as well.) Also, don't forget about the Whimsey and Grace trunk show. Details are in my previous blog post.

On my needles:

Heather's afghan is DONE! At last, and just before she leaves for college. It was so much fun, I hate to let it go, frankly. I am probably going to need to knit another one, just for the joy of doing it. And also because my husband was coveting her blanket. So, this will be a class offering for the fall. Nice thing: customizable to whatever size you want to make it. A pillow showcasing the pattern will be in the store so you can get an idea. I will also be posting a picture on my Ravelry page, so keep your eyes open.

It was a good week for finishing projects, as I also finished the Prayer Shawl for my friend. It was based on the "Cornerstone" pattern from Prayer Shawl Companion, a wonderful book available at A Stitch In Time. The nice thing is that I bound off while at the hospital with her, and was able to wrap it around her shoulders right when she needed the warmth most. A photo of the shawl will also be up on Ravelry soon. I have begun a Log Cabin afghan for my cousin John, who is also needing some healing. He is not a shawl type of guy, but this is a great option for a man. With bulky yarn, it is going very quickly, and since it is garter stitch, each person in my family has been able to do at least a few knits on the afghan, making it truly a gift from all of us.

I have a fun back-to-school project in mind, and especially recommended for our Saturday social knitters. It is time to send the kids back to school and often, to send ourselves back to work. So, I found a great little project, and Eva has the supplies in store for you... this is so cute... I think we need a drum roll here... the felted Lunch Bag! It is called the Brown Bag, officially, but Allie chose hot pink tweed for me, with a big green button. Since it is felted, it has some built-in insulation. Now, perhaps my husband isn't longing for one of these, but I am pretty excited to make one for myself so I can take my lunch to go. The pattern is online at and all you need are two skeins of Cascade 128 and a pretty button.

Enjoy back-to-school time, and keep your eyes on the blog for new updates!

Big yarn hugs,


Friday, July 31, 2009

Is it August Already??!

Hello, Knitters, Crocheters and Needlepointers!

Welcome to our new "home" at Blogspot! This is offering us (well, me, but I will get to that) a better way to keep updated on all the great happenings and products at our fave store. is the place to go for the latest updates.

So, as long as I am saying "Welcome," just wait until you come over to our place and see what Leslie has done to welcome you to our shop! As you may know, Leslie is an artist and she designed a GORGEOUS mural for our entrance. So come on over and see our beautiful and eye-catching entrance, it is lovely and features a topiary and, oh, you just have to come see it for yourself! I will try to post a photo here, but really, no picture is going to do it justice.

If you are a golfer (I am not, but maybe someday when the kids are all up and out my friend Eva will convince me to give it a try!), oh, boy, do we have some good stuff for you! (If you are not a golfer, feel free to skim this part)...

August 25th will be the first ever A Stitch In Time Golf Outing! Tee off is 9:30 and here are the details: Held at the BEAUTIFUL Newtown Country Club (You know, the place where Eva lives when she's not at the store), only $24 for Newtown Country Club members and $40 for non-members (even I know that's a bargain). This terrific day includes 9 holes of golf (best ball), cart, and lunch. Come and enjoy a wonderful day out on the course! Ladies only, just for fun, no worries, non-competitive... and, I presume, no little windmills like the courses I frequent on summer vacations. Have fun!

Also for our golfers, some needlepoints just for you... several new golf-themed belts (I may take this sport up just for the cute clothes, really), and terrific golf club covers. I know Leslie has been knitting a set of covers, but I would be surprised if she doesn't stitch one of these these as well. While you're at it, take a look at some of our canvasses featuring golf themes and sayings, they are really cute!

OK, non-golfers tune in again...

Can I stress this enough??? The absolute deadline for Christmas needlepoint finishing is OCTOBER 1. Get those stockings and nutcrackers going because that is coming up faster than you imagine. We will still accept them after this date, but we do not guarantee Holiday delivery.

Perfect for the Holiday needlepoint is a mini trunk show Sept 4-Oct 22, featuring canvasses by Whimsey & Grace. Why is this so perfect? Because they specialize in SMALL projects, meaning just the cutest things you have ever seen. Scissor and needle cases, luggage tags, hat bands, eyeglass cases. If you have a special gift to give and don't have time for a whole stocking, this is a great opportunity to buy some very reasonably-priced projects which can be finished quickly. We will have samples of finished work in the store.

One more thing for needlepointers, please take a look at the needlepoint bucket bag sample, it is beautifully displayed on the wall behind the register. So many customers had asked me what it would look like finished. My descriptions couldn't do it justice, so now you can see for yourself how cute this bag is. (And if anyone wants to make me one....) We also got in some new Elizabeth Bradleys... they are going really fast, so come in soon for the better selection.

OK, knitters, this is your part... or should I say MY part...

Where to start... well, let's talk dates. In August, for our Saturday knit-along, anyone want to do an Einstein? It's a terrific knit coat, featuring not a single purl stitch. You can see it in the book "The Knit Stitch" by Sally Melville. August is definitely the time to start this project so it will be ready when the weather gets a little crisp. There is a sample in the store, so please drop by and take a look. No obligation to work on the suggested group project, anyone can sit in on Saturday knitting, but wouldn't it be motivational to work on a project with like-needled knitters! It starts with just the easiest thing, as the first panel is just a big all-knit garter stitch rectangle. So, beginners can give it a try, as well as more advanced knitters.

Our new class schedule should be out Sept 1. Yes, this means I have some planning to do. Any suggestions? I am thinking of some small projects, accessories like hats, mittens, scarves... cold weather items which can be completed quickly and easily and which will make great gifts. Also, do we have any interest in a dog sweater class? This is something several of you have asked for, and the time is right. Has anyone met Eva and Pete's new baby... Buster is a Shih-Tzu and he is just precious. Eva may need to sit in on this class with us, as I need to make a sweater for a little Bichon friend of ours named Zoe. (My 100 lb Rottweiler has no desire for a sweater... hmm...) So please look for the schedule in September.

Clear your calendar for September 3! Eva's planning a Fall Preview Night. Lots of fun, you'll get to see all the new yarns before everyone else gets their hands on them! I don't have all the details yet, but Eva has mentioned a Chinese Auction (one of those fun combo raffle/gift activities involving laughing and swapping of wrapped packages... last time my family did one, lots of old fruitcakes made the rounds, so I will make sure there is no fruitcake involved this time!), refreshments, and other great stuff you don't want to miss. Specific details to follow.

Another big date for the calendar is October 15th. Remember from last time, I just said it was a big event? OK, I will let another detail slip... hope Eva isn't reading this, lol... the first word is "book" and the second word is "signing"... there, I didn't actually say it was a book signing or anything, did I? Good, because I don't think I am supposed to tell... but if it were, in theory, a BOOK SIGNING, well, it's someone I have been dying to meet for a long time, that is, if I actually were to say it... I wouldn't miss it if I were you, or if I were me...

And what's new around the store? New ASIT logo bags for your latest projects. Nice and big and sturdy, great for carrying around a sweater, needlepoint, baby blanket, or perhaps a book you wanted to have signed. Not that I am saying anything here.

Also, the Big V vest sample, knit in Terra from SWTC is hanging up, at least it is when Eva isn't wearing it. Take a look, it's just inside the door to the right. So pretty! New colors of Cotton Classic are here, the top 20 colors of Brown Sheep worsted (really great), and several new books, so browse our shelves! More new items arriving around the 15th.

And that's about it! Look for blog updates every two weeks or so... See you around the shop!

Big Yarn Hugs,


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Early July, 2009

Hello, Knitters, Crocheters and Needlepointers!

** UPDATE: There is still room left in the Magic Loop Sock Class! Sign up now to reserve your spot before the class fills up!!!!!!!**

Remember to bring your Go Green Bag with you each time you shop, Eva will be holding Surprise Sale Days for those customers who own one. You must walk into the store with your bag; bags purchased on Surprise Sale Days do not qualify for the discount. Discounts apply to regularly priced merchandise only. Bags are available for only $2.99.

Needlepointers: Those beautiful Cooper Oaks canvasses are 25% off until the end of July. I love them, you know you love them, and this is a great sale. There are so many summer-themed canvasses to work on while you are on vacation!

Keep in mind, needlepointers who love Lee leather products, that they are now a limited supply. Lee is closing, so although we have ordered all we can, there will be no more. We will keep you updated with any status changes, but for now we hear that they will discontinue production.

Also for our needlepointers: Fiber Sale! Buy five, get one free. This applies only to fibers of the same type. For example, if you buy five Silk and Ivory, the free skein will also be a Silk and Ivory. Bring in your canvasses (or purchase a new one), and save on fibers with this great offer. All skeins must be purchased at the same time to qualify. Offer good until the end of July.

BIG STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thursday night, October 15th, will be a HUGE and EXCITING event at A Stitch In Time. What will it be? Well, I am not telling. Ha ha! But keep your calendar clear and your eyes open. I cannot be bribed to let the cat out of the bag, even with yarn and coffee. But I will be coming… you should too. This is REALLY BIG.

Our Raffle is ongoing for July. For every $50 you spend, you will be entered in a drawing for a gift card to A Stitch In Time. Drawing to be held August 1. Good Luck!

Even though the help desk is on hiatus for the rest of the summer, please come in and join your fellow knitters for a nice social knitting time. Social knitting is held on Fridays, 11-4. On Saturdays, we will also have open social knitting 1-4. A suggested project will be left on the table for our Saturday knitters; there is nothing as much fun as working on the same project with others. A great opportunity to knit together with a supportive community, so nice to have others working on the same thing in case of questions. Of course, you can feel free to choose your own project during this time as well. This is YOUR table, so gather around and have some fun!

On my needles:

Sock Wars Update: I received Death Socks (in a lovely hand-dyed German wool) in Wednesday’s mail, along with my SIP’s which were sent onto the next knitter for completion. So, although I am out of the competition, it was a great way to go. Picture for anyone interested are posted in the Sock Wars group on Ravelry under “Obituaries.”

“China Doll” has been put aside (once again, Sorry Allie) so I can make a prayer shawl for a dear friend… but Allie understands!! Both the shawl and China Doll are nearing completion. To take a peek, go to mittengirl on Ravelry and click on my projects. Heather’s Boku Afghan is also nearly completed (having been put aside for China Doll.. do you see an ongoing Knitting-ADD theme here), which must be ready to leave for college when she does. Oops!

Even though my on-the-floor hours are coming to an end, I will still be around, so say hi when you’re in the store!

Big Yarn Hugs,