Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving! It's YARN FRIDAY!!

Happy Thanksgiving, Knitters, Crocheters, and Needlepointers!

Forget going to Wal-Mart at 5:00 a.m. on Friday. Much better to indulge in the yarny side of life, and we get to sleep in just a little... though A Stitch In Time is opening earlier than usual this weekend just for you shopping types.

An hour earlier, both Friday and Saturday, Friday 9-6 and Saturday 9-5. (Yeah, that's 17 whole hours of yarny fun... YAY!)

Needlepointers, I'll start with you for a change.

* Friday Early Birds, come in from 9-10 for 25% off all canvasses.
* Saturday Early Birds, come in from 9-10 for 25% off all Elizabeth Bradley needlepoint kits.
* Both days, all Christmas needlepoints 25% off, and a whopping 40% off all large stockings!!!!

And knitters:

* Friday Early Birds, come in from 9-10 for 25% off all yarns
* Saturday Early Birds, come in from 9-10 for 25% off all knitting bags
* Both days, all cotton yarns 30% off!!!!
* Noni and Two Old Bags patterns, 30% off Friday and Saturday
* Selected yarns will be 25% off all weekend!

And everyone:

* 15% off ALL BOOKS! Hooray!
* Go Green Bags will be only $1.00 on Friday and include a special coupon you can use in January.
* 20% off just about everything else in the store
* A limited number of FREE GIFTS will be available while they last. No, I do not know what Eva has for you, it is a SURPRISE to me as well! I'm sure it is good. :-)

And... this should be fun...

In-store surprise specials, Eva says, "Just look for the STARS!"

Note: Needles and notions are not included in sale.

Please, don't forget the Mitten Tree. We are accepting donations of knit items (see info in last blog post, below) for those most in need. The Mitten Tree will be up only until December 10th, so please don't delay. Also, keep our Addi Click raffle in mind... all proceeds from ticket sales go to a local food bank!

I really wish I could be there, you know I love to shop and of course can NEVER, EVER have enough yarn (husband says, "Yeah, right!), but we will be off at our separate-schools-but-always-same-date-and-time 25th High School reunions this weekend. None of my classmates believed my dear husband existed before facebook, but now there are photos to prove it. And four kids tell us we are old. Rest assured, I am shopping with you in spirit, and of course will be sporting some hand knits to show off to old classmates!

Enjoy the sale, and don't forget to buy something for me!

Big Yarn Hugs,

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