Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy November! Holidays around the corner!


Hello, Knitters, Crocheters, and Needlepointers!

Has the chilly weather got you in a stitching mood? I know it has inspired me to cozy up with a lot of yarn and needles and hope you feel the same. As always, a lot going on around A Stitch In Time.

Lots and lots of news, so you really should pour your tea first...

Let's start with Show and Tell:

After all the HYPE, I really, really hope you can figure out who this man is sitting at the table with Eva. No, it's not her husband Pete, it's Jared Flood! (Sorry, Pete... We would be terribly excited if it were a picture of you, honest, but you weren't there. So Jared will have to do).

We had a lovely evening with Jared... remember that weird snowy night in October? Welcome to New England, Jared, because you just never know.

The store was absolutely buzzing with activity, wine, snacks, desserts, and oohs and ahhs over samples knit from Jared's book, Made in Brooklyn. What a fun time we had at our first-ever author book signing!

And now the current buzz:

We had RAFFLE WINNERS!!!!!!!! Congratulations to Judy B, Cindy T, Brenda W and Carolyn H. Jack pulled the winning tickets for you and said you all owe him a coffee! (He's sitting at the Sycamore right now waiting for you to show up). Enjoy your prizes, ladies!

There is a sale going on of some of our knitting samples. Think about it... the prices are great and the knitting is already done for you. What's better than that? Come on in and take a look before they are all gone.

The Mitten Tree is back! PLEASE de-stash or even just use something special, and make an extra hat, scarf, or pair of mittens for those most in need. Men's items are especially appreciated. And, no good deed goes unrewarded... you will get a raffle ticket for EACH item you donate. No limit! Thanks for sharing your time and talent with those who really need it. The tree will be up until December 10th, so don't delay!

New yarns in the store... Noro is finally back, but it is going FAST. New Isis, and a whole lot of yarns from Classic Elite. Of course, there are new knit samples to look at for inspiration, so you don't even need an idea when you come in. Just take a look around, you are certain to be inspired. And, one of my favorite features, there are new bulky-weight yarns for quick knitting! Magnum, from Cascade, knits at 2 stitches per inch on size 15's. Hooray! Do I want quick knitting for easier gift-giving, or because I am feeling self-indulgent and want things for myself NOW? Hmmmm.... do I have to answer that?

And really, exciting new yarn in store, is OUR YARN! Spun exclusively for A Stitch In Time, this gorgeous alpaca from Vermont will come in both a DK and Worsted weight. I feel so special! Our own label yarn! Wow.... Cannot wait to get my hands on some for a SECRET PROJECT, a very special technique I am enjoying sooooo much and would love to teach a class in when things settle down a bit. So, check out this fantastic, beautiful new yarn and keep your eyes on the blog for what I am cooking up.

Addi Clicks are back in as well. I have used these, and can't believe they are interchangeable. The joins are so smooth, they feel like fixed needles. A great item, because you will never be looking for your much needed size at a weird hour of the night again. And, improved! Even nicer than the originals, they now come in a more compact case, and additional cords are available in new sizes! Yay! (Can you believe sometimes I wake up in the dead of night with an idea, and I generally jot it down, but occasionally I am too excited about it, so have to just start knitting it for an hour before I can sleep again. Imagine if, gasp, I didn't have the right needles available? Bring on the Addi Clicks, please, and fast!)

If Santa needs a little help in your house, your stockings can surely be stuffed in our favorite LYS. Think tape measures, coffee cups, books, needle cases, notions, and well, the list could go on forever. I would certainly be delighted if Santa made this stop before coming to my house. And, for the uncertain gift-giver, don't forget that we have gift cards!

Do you know that along with gift cards, A Stitch In Time offers a wish list service? Just pop in, fill out a card (please remember your name, lol!) and will will keep it on file. When Santa or your special someone shows up, voila, your wish is their command! (This kept my friend Luigi on the Nice List last year when shopping for his wife, Ellen. Really good idea).

Speaking of Really Good Ideas, Eva has had one of her best ones yet, in my opinion. She is raffling off a set of Addi Clicks (am I eligible?). Tickets are $1.00, and all the money goes to the food bank! Great idea, Eva!

Have you seen the BEAUTIFUL All American Afghan from Cascade? It might be my motivation to finish Cousin John's Christmas afghan on time, because I really want it. Maybe need it. I bet you'll feel the same way when you see it. Workshops will be held the second Thursday of the month starting in January. We need at least 6 signups to hold this workshop. Please keep in mind that some squares are easier and some more challenging. We will all help each other, and of course also have the option of repeating favorite squares or choosing squares from other places if you prefer. No rules, no teaching, but lots of fun! Please bring your knitting knowledge. I need a companion blanket (or five) for my Manos afghan, which my husband, children and I all try to get first when hanging out in the family room. They claim I spent enough time with it in the knitting and don't need to use it, HA. Well, when I wow them with another afghan, there will be a little more love to go around. Take a look and join us!

Needlepointers: (See? I never forget you, do I?) We know you are all waiting (patiently, I hope) for your finishing to come in. Please note that we will call you the moment it arrives. There are few things harder than handing over your work which took forever to make, and then waiting to see the magic which has been worked. However, please be patient with our staff and know that we are in constant contact with our finishers to ensure all items which were given to us by the October 1st deadline will be in your hands by the Holidays. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding!

New Holiday Hours at the shop: Open an extra hour Fridays until 6pm and Saturdays until 5pm! We will be closing at 2pm on the "Eves"... Thanksgiving Eve, Christmas Eve, and New Years Eve. Closed Thanksgiving, New Years, and December 25-27, re-opening on Monday the 28th.

Whew, that was a lot of information! Thanks for sticking it out to the end... I look forward to seeing you around the store. Keep stitching and knitting!

Big Yarn Hugs,

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