Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Countdown to Jared

Hello, Knitters, Crocheters, and Needlepointers!

Hope all is going well and you are getting into the fiber groove now that the weather is finally starting to act like Fall. My favorite item ever, the Mission Falls Mimi Throw, is getting a lot of wearing time, whether around the house, as a blankie, or as my favorite Autumn "jacket". Hope you have a favorite warm item to use, and may I suggest following my example and adding another in a new color every few years?

Has anyone else been reading the Brooklyn Tweed blog a whole lot ever since we found out that Jared Flood will be joining us in just a couple of weeks? I am so excited to meet him. You know I really, really want those mittens. And with the time crunch being what it is in my life, I am going to have to use all my willpower not to just wander off with his pair. Hmmm... good thing the yarns are so nice. I would hate to not get the chance to make them myself, actually. Eva ordered 48 copies of the book, and so far we have 34 people signed up. So, in plain English: If you already ordered your book, great for you. You won't be disappointed. If you haven't, well, what in the WORLD are you waiting for, friend?! This is a very unique opportunity to meet Jared. I have been to book signings where I waited FOREVER to meet the rock stars of knitting. Do you realize that we will not have to stand around all night? Or that we might get more than 8 seconds to chat with Jared? For goodness sake, just sign up already! If you want your book ahead of time, you are welcome to pick it up at your convenience. Just don't forget to bring it with you on October 15th! And if we get more signups, Eva said she will try to have enough books for everyone, but we can't positively guarantee this so please be prepared.

I stopped by yesterday to welcome Eva home and, frankly, to touchy-feely all the great Classic Elite yarns as featured in the book. Yeah, I want them. All. Every one. So besides making sure you get your book, you should probably get the yarn, because I might buy it all up just by myself! Don't tempt me, I have the shelves for it. Fresco, Lush, Princess, Moorland, Portland Tweed... I could find room for each and every one of them. So, you might want to really prepare by getting your book, getting the yarn, starting the project, and then if you have any questions, cornering Jared! I'm sure he'd love it, but just in case he doesn't feel like being cornered, don't tell him it was my idea. The good news is, friends who have been knitting out of the book already have said the patterns are straightforward.

Here's a fun new addition for your collection... Hiya Hiya has an interchangeable needle set, and we'll have it next week at A Stitch In Time. Come take a look at these great needles. Tips come in sizes 2-8, terrific for everything from socks to worsted.

Vintage by Berroco has arrived. This is a superwash, worsted weight yarn. Which makes it great for children's knits. Or, just as appropriately, for me. I spill a lot. So I am thinking I am going to be knitting with this, not just for me but for anyone within my dangerous reach.

Cascade 220 and 220 Superwash (see? More superwash!) will be in by the second week of October, and hopefully sooner. Along with this terrific yarn will be the beautiful Great American Afghan. A monthly workshop on this fab project will be starting in January, so keep your eyes peeled for details on that! Our Monday Night Social Knit has been postponed, so this workshop will be a fun opportunity for all!

For October, the raffle is back! One ticket for each $50 you spend, good for a drawing for a gift card to A Stitch In Time. Also, please note that classes are filling up. While this is GREAT news for us at the shop, it is only great news for you if you sign up in time. Don't be disappointed, classes are such a great way to learn a new technique, get out for a while, and meet other knitters. Please sign up early to ensure your spot.

******Guess what? Eva told me something, and I am going to tell you. Because I can. Since all these new yarns are in or coming in, it seems there are a lot of markdowns! Yeah, MARKDOWNS! On YARN! In the FALL! What's better than that? Get in there and make sure you have everything you need for your projects! We have done that Connecticut thing of going from summer to cold in 24 short hours; this feels like knitting weather! And better yet, a SALE!!! October 9 and 10, 20% all yarn and canvasses in-stock. Sale excludes new yarns, books, needles and needlepoint fibers.******

Needlepointers, there is great news for you, right here. Remember how I kept warning you that Lee Leather was going out of business? Well, another company bought them and we will still be able to get you all the canvasses and leather pieces you love.

The Amanda Lawford Trunk Show will be arriving on October 24th and be here for three weeks. Keep in mind that there will be a 20% discount on all her canvasses purchased during the show. What a great opportunity to pick up some new projects to pass the time when we are snowed in... it's coming sooner than you think!

By the way, needlepointers, I need to remind you one more time that in order to guarantee your project will be done for Christmas, you need to finish your stitching by October 1. After this, there is a chance, but no promises. Can I tell you how much I love our needlepoint finisher? I recently came across a canvas I stitched as a Mother's Day gift in 1979. Hearts and rainbows and other such '70's stuff... can you imagine that my mom snuck the canvas back to my house at some point instead of holding on to it for dear life? No, I don't know what she was thinking either. Anyway, I sent it out to our finisher, and may I tell you I am sooooo proud of the finished product! It was already "groovy" and fortunately someone had the vision to make it "beautiful." A feat my mom certainly never saw coming. She is totally jealous now, but it is all mine. Some of this joy can be yours if you just finish your canvasses and send them for finishing!

All belts and large Christmas stockings are on sale 25% off for all October. Other Christmas ornaments will be 20% off. Stock up for next year!

Wow, that is a LOT of good stuff. So stop in, tell Eva "Welcome Back" from her trip, pull up a chair, and spend some time around the table with us. Knit, stitch, or crochet; it's a great way to welcome Fall with your friends at A Stitch In Time!

Big Yarn Hugs,


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