Saturday, August 15, 2009

Did I say Book Signing??!

Hello, Knitters, Crocheters, and Needlepointers!

OK, has Eva made me tease you enough yet? Do you really, really want to know what's up with the Book Signing that I am NOT telling you about? Because, I just can't keep quiet another minute. Hint: there will be a FLOOD of knitters invading our store for this great event. Was that enough? No? It's OK, when Eva was first trying to make me guess, she kept talking about water. Lots and lots of water. I stared at her blankly, not having had my coffee yet...

So, for me and the others like me who need things spelled out, here are the details:

Jared Flood will be at A Stitch In Time to sign his new book, Made In Brooklyn. Let me try that again: JARED FLOOD IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There, now do you know how excited I am? So, be at the store on October 15th to meet this very talented knitter! Please call or stop by the store to reserve your copy of this FABULOUS book; we really need to know if you are coming so no one leaves disappointed. I have a friend whose six-year-old is frequently heard to say, "I'm so lucky, I am jealous of myself!" Well, this is the way I feel that we get to have Jared in our shop. You can check out his work at

New in store: Presto by Tahki. This aptly-named wool/mohair/nylon/acrylic blend is for presto-fast knitting, because it is a super bulky and knits up on size 13 needles very nicely. Are you thinking what I am thinking? Which is... quick. gifts. in time. Hooray! The colors are gorgeous, as all Tahki yarns are. A new shipment from Plymouth is due, and other new yarns are arriving weekly, but you will have to wait patiently (not) to see what those are!

Also a coming attraction in September: we will be joined by Lisa! Please welcome our newest staff member with the warmth you gave me when I came on board. I know she will be a terrific addition to the "family" and cannot wait for you to meet her.

Join me in congratulating our July raffle winners: June F., Sylvia G, Margaret O, and Monica V. Enjoy your winnings, ladies!

IMPORTANT FOR ALL TO READ HERE: Whether you are a knitter, crocheter, or needlepointer, Eva will be out for two weeks in September. (Have a great cruise, Eva!) So, if you need anything ordered, it has to be done before she is gone. Eva will be out the 9th through the 24th. So, if you have any projects that require a large quantity of yarn, special canvasses, or other materials we may not have in stock, please plan accordingly, and thank you for your patience with those of us working during her absence.

There are still spots available for the golf outing August 25th. See details below in the prior blog post, and sign up now to reserve your space.

Needlepointers: Plenty of goodies for you too! New canvasses, and beautiful mini leather bags by Sterling. They have a terrific long strap to use as a shoulder bag too, so you are not limited to a clutch. (I am thinking like an Irish girl here... I can carry one of these and still hold a drink. Still trying to figure out how to handle a drink and appetizers at the same time, but at least my hands wouldn't be juggling a clutch as well.) Also, don't forget about the Whimsey and Grace trunk show. Details are in my previous blog post.

On my needles:

Heather's afghan is DONE! At last, and just before she leaves for college. It was so much fun, I hate to let it go, frankly. I am probably going to need to knit another one, just for the joy of doing it. And also because my husband was coveting her blanket. So, this will be a class offering for the fall. Nice thing: customizable to whatever size you want to make it. A pillow showcasing the pattern will be in the store so you can get an idea. I will also be posting a picture on my Ravelry page, so keep your eyes open.

It was a good week for finishing projects, as I also finished the Prayer Shawl for my friend. It was based on the "Cornerstone" pattern from Prayer Shawl Companion, a wonderful book available at A Stitch In Time. The nice thing is that I bound off while at the hospital with her, and was able to wrap it around her shoulders right when she needed the warmth most. A photo of the shawl will also be up on Ravelry soon. I have begun a Log Cabin afghan for my cousin John, who is also needing some healing. He is not a shawl type of guy, but this is a great option for a man. With bulky yarn, it is going very quickly, and since it is garter stitch, each person in my family has been able to do at least a few knits on the afghan, making it truly a gift from all of us.

I have a fun back-to-school project in mind, and especially recommended for our Saturday social knitters. It is time to send the kids back to school and often, to send ourselves back to work. So, I found a great little project, and Eva has the supplies in store for you... this is so cute... I think we need a drum roll here... the felted Lunch Bag! It is called the Brown Bag, officially, but Allie chose hot pink tweed for me, with a big green button. Since it is felted, it has some built-in insulation. Now, perhaps my husband isn't longing for one of these, but I am pretty excited to make one for myself so I can take my lunch to go. The pattern is online at and all you need are two skeins of Cascade 128 and a pretty button.

Enjoy back-to-school time, and keep your eyes on the blog for new updates!

Big yarn hugs,


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