Thursday, July 30, 2009

Early June, 2009

Hello, Knitters, Crocheters and Needlepointers!

So here the scoop. I need the room! Patty and I are heading out to a trade show in Columbus the 2nd week of June. That means a lot of goodies will be arriving in the store by the end of June. So that means a sale to our e-mail customers!. Bring in the e-mail to receive 20% off you entire purchase. (not to be combined with any other offers). Sale good to June 6th. Remember to bring a copy of this with you. Read on for more information from Cathy on what?s going on it in the store and with the Sock Wars! I am off to my daughter?s college graduation the last week of May, I opened the store when she started high school. Where has the 8 years gone? Hope to see you soon, Eva

Let me start with the good news? There is ONLY good news! So, grab your coffee, and keep reading.

The weather is heating up and so is a SALE at A Stitch In Time!

If you go to the back of the store, near the Encore, there?s the wall of ?baby? yarns. Which I put in quotes because let?s face it, we all use them for a lot more than baby garments, right? Lace shawls, fingerless mittens, hats, and even sweaters for ME are some of the things I have done with these yarns. I am enjoying my own ?babies? as they grow, and it will be quite some time before I am called Grandma (I certainly hope!), so besides a few nephews and nieces having babies of their own, I don?t do a lot of baby knitting.

Anyway, back to topic? There are two basket towers of so-called ?baby? yarns in the back, which are 50% OFF UNTIL THEY ARE GONE! HALF PRICE, PEOPLE! Great ones such as Playtime, Sunday Best, and Heaven (the best chemo cap yarn), among others. So come check them out.

Also on sale? Galway by Plymouth. A beautiful worsted wool, great for felting or not. Like the others, 25% OFF UNTIL GONE!

Why, oh, why are these great yarns going on sale, especially until ?gone?? Because we just can?t fit more NEW YARNS in the store until we have room. You know all the tales of us begging Eva to carry new lines and then whining about where to put them? so let?s ease Eva?s burden and mine, please, and help clear some space for the newcomers. Galway will be replaced by Brown Sheep Worsted, because we find the colors absolutely irresistable. You will love them too, but they won?t be here until we have room for them!

I can tell you one more thing that?s coming in? NEW COLORS OF ENCORE! They even have tweeds now. Have any of you checked out that fabulous book, ?Tweed? by Nancy J. Thomas? I received it as a birthday gift (thanks, Patty!) and just love to read it and just look at the pics? additionally, it is filled with post-it flags of my upcoming projects to be made as soon as I finish the Boku Afghan (a gift for a friend who is on Ravelry, so I say no more) and my Sock Wars socks.

Oh, so you want to hear about Sock Wars? Making serious progress! The pattern was released Friday at 12:30. Eva was extremely gracious about letting me hit the refresh key on the computer in the back for 30 minutes straight while accomplishing little else. Thanks, Eva! Well, I got the pattern, nearly finished the cuff by 1:00 when I left the store, and then, well, the weekend happened. Normally a great time for knitting, but not with the kids? school having a wildly successful carnival, 5K run, and track meet all in the same weekend and all of which required my attendance. Throw in a couple of baseball games and you get the idea. Let?s just say I got literally 5 hours of sleep at night this weekend (and 2 during the day when I couldn?t stand up another minute) and no knitting time to speak of. By Monday I was sick, naturally. BUT despite the odds, the second sock is nearly done and I have not been ?killed? yet. Turns out you don?t save
yourself by mailing socks, you just don?t have control over when you are ?killed? which happens whenever completed socks arrive in your mailbox. So? I intend to knit like the wind and ship these no later than tomorrow. Maybe I just won?t open my mailbox until then, lol.

ONE MORE THING TO MENTION ABOUT A SALE? All patterns are currently buy 2, get one free. (This applies only to individual patterns, not books). Basically, if it?s in our binders, it qualifies. So come in, browse the binders, let us know what you want, and we will pull a fresh copy for you to purchase. We need room for new patterns too, you know!

Needlepointers: Keep your eyes open for the Tapestry Tent Trunk Show arriving June 6th. Their Christmas stockings are AMAZING and you know if you don?t start now you won?t be done in time. Remember, needlepoint finishing for December must be in the store by October 1st . There was quite a waiting list for our store to get this show in, so come and enjoy while it?s here.

See you around the store!

Big Yarn Hugs,


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